SIAT PCT Application Hits a New Record

01 Jul 2021 News Update

On March 2nd2020, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) announced the global status of PCT patent applications. Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT) had 567 PCT patent applications in 2020, which was a year-on-year increase of 54.5%, leading the prestigious universities at home and abroad, as well as among the forefront of institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in terms of the number of patent applications and authorizations.Thus far, SIAT has 10552 applied patents, 4360 authorized patents, and 1525 PCT applications.  

Meanwhile,  among the top 50 education institutes in the world, the University of California predominates the largest amount of PCT applications (559 applications) in the world, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Shenzhen University (269 and 252 applications) regarding the announcement from the WIPO.  

Patents applied by SIAT are mainly concentrated in the intellectual property rights intensive industries with wide coverage and strong interdisciplinary focuses, such as cutting-edge technology fields and strategic emerging industries. Among all the patents, “A magnetic resonance chemical shift coding imaging method, device and equipment” won the 7th Guangdong Provincial Patent Award. 

In order to promote the transformation of intellectual property rights into productivity, different from the traditional universities and institutes, SIAT has implemented the rank and yank system to actualize the “attracting, retaining, and overflowing” personnel mechanism. 

In order to meet the necessary conditions for the application of achievements, the disciplinary development could help to fully and effectively integrate the advantageous resources, service capabilities, and industrial demand, with its dynamic adjustment according to the demand of social economic development. 

To achieve the transformation of applied technology and promote the allocation of high-value patents, SIAT plans to introduce the industrial’s needs starting from the patent creation stage of basic research, not only through introducing third-party institutions, but also by providing guidance and training on the aspects of technical route, market demand, application and law. 

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SUN Lujia