SIAT has been providing campus shuttle services to around SIAT staff, students and residents for their conveniences on travelling from campus to the talents house for living, teaching, learning and other activities.

The service hours of campus shuttle services will be adjusted to the following schedule, please refer to the information below for the details:

Bus Stop on Xili Campus: In front of the entrance of B Building

Bus Stop near the Fuan Garden:

Bus Stop near the Shenzhen Bay:

  • Route: Fuan Garden- SIAT      Stops Time: 8:00 a.m (Mon-Fri)
  • Route: SIAT- Fuan Garden      Stops Time: 18:30 a.m (Mon-Fri)
  • Route: SIAT-Shenzhen Bay     Stops Time: 8:10 a.m (Mon-Fri)
  • Route: Shenzhen Bay – SIAT   Stops Time: 8:10 a.m (Mon-Fri)


  • Only SIATers are eligible for this service;
  • SIATstudents or staff cards must be presented for identification purpose;
  • This service runs on “first come, first served” basis;
  • Standing is not allowed on bus;
  • No smoking, drinking or eating is allowed;
  • Please vacate the priority seat for the pregnant, injured, elderly and disabled person;
  • Please queue for campus shuttle bus;
  • Please bring along your personal belongings when get off the bus.